En Route – Departure

March 22nd, 2010

Christian Sirianni, Jackson Hole, March 14, 2010. After finishing his filming commitments with Nimbus, Christian hooked up in Jackson in mid-March with Boen Ferguson, Charlie Timmins and photographer Tony Harrington. Check out the full feature in the next issue of Chillfactor magazine.

Mount Buller’s Christian Sirianni gives the rundown on the the latest movie from Nimbus Films

Nimbus Independent is back for 2010 with the launch of a new website www.nimbusindependent.com and the recent release of the En Route Departure webisode.
The crew is solid and is based around four original riders – Eric Pollard, Pep Fujas, Chris Benchetler and Andy Mahre. For those unfamiliar with Nimbus, it is a group of like-minded skiers who came together to create ski films based around their lives as skiers and the process of making ski movies. The idea is to give audiences a closer look at pro-skiing and an insight into the greatest job in the world

Throughout this season the crew has travelled to various destinations across North America and Europe meeting up with great friends. The additions to the crew on these trips included Dylan Hood, Blake Nyman, Ian Cosco, Bene Mayr, Tobi Reindl, Anthony Boronowski, and myself. The travels are documented in En Route Departure, from the huge storm in Mammoth in January to some really amazing skiing in Austria and Italy. We also went to some places that didn’t work. But overall the past few months have been a blast, with heaps of great snow and good times.

Nimbus will be releasing a number of webisodes throughout the year through the website. And, in addition to the webisodes there will be other media available including short edits for the Point and Shoot series which will be uploaded regularly by all the riders. There are also blogs and photos to have a look at.

We hope you enjoy the webisode and those to come in the future.

The full length version will be available for download now, only at: nimbusstore.mobilerider.com