Fit For Snow with Peter Hogg – Week 3

June 15th, 2010

Words and images | Peter Hogg

Week three is characterised with inclusion of exercises that will place more demands on the hip for control. The 180 degree spins will test your landing stability and introduce some impact in the program. The arabesques are now loaded for added demands. Some of the exercises are similar to the previuos week such that you can get into a routine however you should work harder by doing more reps or doing the drills with better technique. Focus!

Peter Hogg
APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist
Coordinator of Sports Physiotherapy for OWI
OWI Sports Physiotherapist 2002, 2006 & 2010
Private Practitioner – Thredbo Altitude Physio & Noosa Sports & Spinal Physio


Jump 180 degree spins: Perform each spin with max height and land well balanced with good absorption through the hips.
Benefits: Explore your agility and landing stability.

Singe leg tucks: Place your rear foot on the bench or chair. The front leg must retract to the horizontal plain as quick as possible for 20 reps. Land softly but explode with the leg retraction.
Benefits: Hip retraction power will unweight your board or ski and will also allow you to absorb terrain changes.

Step up with knee drive: Step up onto a medium height box and drive the non weightbearing knee for extra power production.
Benefits: Quadraceps strength and power to improve all aspects of snow sports.

Arabesque with weight: Keep your back straight and bend through the hip. Raise the rear leg to the horizontal. The opposite hand holds the weight and touches near the ankle. Feel your hamstring tighten on each decline.
Benefits: Buttock strength to improve stability in the turns.

Swiis ball single leg knee tucks: Take your body weight through one leg and hold the other leg straight. Bend the supporting knee in/out whilst maintaining back alignment and upper body control.
Benefits: Hip power and upper body stability.

Single leg hamstrings: Raise your buttock up/down with good back stability and control.
Benefits: Hamstring strength to protect you from knee ACL injury.

Ball roll outs: Kneel in front of the ball and roll out with arms taking your weight. Keep your back straight.
Benefits: Core control to prevent back injury.

Plank: Build up your holding time. Try and do a 2 min hold!
Benefits: Core strength to provide cotrol of the trunk whilst you turn. Helps out when in the odd fall too!