FULL MOVIE – Nitro’s Hyped! Team Movie

October 23rd, 2012

Nitro has just released their full length movie “Hyped” online for free. Follow along with the team as they shred anything and everything that is put in front of them. This video comes from the mind of long time video genius Per Hampus and features a mix of nearly every kind of video format cleverly edited in a way that will make you want to shred as well as leaving no doubt in your mind that along with having more fun than anyone else the Nitro team is one of the best crews in snowboarding. The video features Eero Ettala, Bryan Fox, Austin Smith, Markus Keller, Marc Swaboda, Jon Kooley, Knut Eliassen, NIls Arvidsson, Justin Bennee, Sam Taxwood, Benny Urban, Anton Gunnarsson, Elias Elhardt, and friends.

Bryan Fox is Hyped!

Transfer Snowboard Magazine | Alex Cameron

The Nitro USA crew sat down with the filmmaker, Per-Hampus Stålhandske, and asked him a few questions about the movie.

What is the idea behind Hyped!?
The idea for Hyped! is that the film shall convey the feeling of ultimate excitement. We are trying to focus more on how fun snowboarding actually is, not how hard it is. People can expect seeing their favorite Nitro riders riding stuff that the viewer hopefully can relate to more. Instead of only showing the best tricks on the perfect locations (we will show that as well), we are trying to show how the Nitro riders are snowboarding when all pressure is off. The goal is to capture that feeling you get when you are riding with your best friends, on a perfect day, and you never wanna stop riding.

What was your favorite moment filming for Hyped!?
I think it was our whole trip to China. The conditions were not the best, but we had such a blast. It was me (Per-Hampus Stålhandske), Austin Smith, Bryan Fox, Knut, Nils Arvidsson, Anton Bilare, Bob Plumb (Nitro photographer) and Mark Welsh (also Nitro photographer) to name a few. We were just filming on a really shitty half pipe á la 1992 and having so much fun. Between runs legends like Ingemar Backman, Scotty Wittlake and Michi Albin were dropping in and hitting the same thing. It felt like we were in a time machine.

What was your camera set-up?
Panasonic HPX-170, Canon 7D, Nizo Professional Super 8, Casio Highspeed, GoPro Hero2, iPhone 4s.

What is something that you always have on you when traveling?
Too many bags, too many cables, earplugs, headphones, a book, too many cameras and a coffee cup in my hand.?

What are your intentions with Hyped!?
Our intentions for Hyped! are to try and make a slightly different snowboard movie and try to see snowboarding with fresh eyes. My goal is to try and see past all unwritten “rules” that filmmakers go by, and then see what happens.

During which trip did the weirdest stuff happen?
I have to say China again, it is such a weird and interesting country. Highlights included weird food, the Chinese Mafia and a drunk Austin (not a good combo), man made resorts, interesting animal transports, man-dancing at weird clubs and too much rice wine (crazy stuff happens).

Who are the people behind the Hyped! movie, filmers, etc…?
Pirmin Juffinger and myself (Per-Hampus Stålhandske) have been filming most of the stuff, but also Clemens Prankl. A lot of the riders have been filming as well, Knut Eliassen have probably filmed a ton of stuff. Knut and Andi Aurhammer have also helped to produce the film.

What other movies have you made before this?
Pony Tale by Actionhorse Films, a beautiful film about the love for horses. I also worked on Escramble and some other stuff.

What made you want to get back into making snowboard movies?
I once wanted to be a pro snowboarder, so my friends and I filmed ourselves. Somehow it was my task to put it all together, probably because I was the worst snowboarder among us. I soon realized that I really enjoyed the filming part of snowboarding, and putting it all together. I dropped my dreams of becoming the next Terje and decided to pursue the filming stuff. As soon as I did that I got better at snowboarding.

Tell me your favorite thing about snowboarding?
I love everything about it. Lapping a slushy park with my best friends, hitting side hits, the crazy feeling of riding pow, spin to win, flip to win, the people, meeting new friends for life, grabbing, tweaking, falling, riding in rain etc. It is still, 15 years later, my favorite thing to do.

Tell me your favorite thing about filming?
I think nowadays it’s more about the whole picture, not only one shot. I love the whole process, filming, putting it all together, music, the design part with titles and stuff, trying to show more then just the trick and somehow, tell a little story.