GALLERY – Jindabyne Snowstorm October 7, 2009

October 8th, 2009

Photos By Adam Begg

On October 7 2009 Jindabyne locals woke to snowstorm more akin to a August or July mid-winter storm than the middle of October. It was the most snow that had fallen in Jindabyne during the entire 2009 winter and the snow continued heavily throughout the early morning. The road to Thredbo was even closed and until around lunch time when the sun parted and the snow started to melt, Jindabyne looked more like Scandinavian outpost in the far North.

Lake Jindabyne cross-country skiing.

Snow covered village.

The Jindabyne Bushpigs home ground was covered in 10cms of fresh.

One of Lake Jindabyne’s many bays revealing some cold sailing potential.

The snowboarders were out looking for rails.

Snowboarder Sam Jenkins making the most of the snow in Jindabyne.

Only a few times a year can you go for a casual cross-country ski in Jindabyne, if you’re lucky.

Overview of Jindabyne with incredible spring contrasts.

Jindabyne around Lunch time October 7, 2009 as the snow starts to melt.