Gear Guide – Nitro Fusion 154, Snowboard Video Review

September 6th, 2020

Mountainwatch | Gear Guide

Our snowboard expert Joe Stanco has been checking out the latest boards from Nitro over the past couple of weeks and in this review he takes the 2021  Fusion, an all-mountain directional tapered board, for a spin in Thredbo.

“The profile of this board is camber between your feet and a little bit of rocker in the nose and tail.,” Joey explains. “The rocker allows you to turn really quick and easy and helps you float in slush and soft snow and the camber really helps you hold when you’re carving. It’s got great pop and stability at speed.”

“This is one of my all-time favourite boards – the perfect do it all snowboard.”


Lengths: 154, 159

Dimensions: 298/253/291

Stance range: 48-60

Shape – Directional tapered

Camber  – Cam-Out

Width  – Mid-Wide

Flex  – All Terrain

Sidecut –  Progressive

Special Features – Sintered Speed Formula II Base, Bi-lite Laminates


The Fusion has “great pop and stability at speed.”


Known to some as “Snow Guru Joe”, Joe Stanco has a passion for snow, snowboarding and everything that goes with it. Joey is an expert boot fitter, amateur snowboarder and product tester with “a passion for helping others find the right gear.”

 He founded Joey’s Myoko in Myoko Kogen, Japan, a service/demo centre and retail store for locals and travellers and during the Australian season he does his thing out of the ESS store Jindy.

 When he’s not fitting boots and giving expert advice to customers Joey is on the mountain doing a bit of “R&D” on the latest snowboards. Whether you are into pow, park or shredding the groomed, Joey can recommend the right board for you.  Hit it up on his Facebook link below if you have any questions or are looking for advice.