Gear Guide – Nitro Pow 2019 Video Review

January 8th, 2019



Mountainwatch | Joe Stanco


In this review Joey check out the Nitro Pow a board that, as the name suggests,  rips in deep snow but also performs well  in resort.

Known to some as “Snow Guru Joe”, Joe Stanco has a passion for snow, snowboarding and everything that goes with it. Joey is an expert boot fitter, amateur snowboarder and product tester with “a passion for helping others find the right gear.” He founded Joeys Myokoin Myoko Kogen, Japan last year, a service/demo centre for locals and travellers and during the Australian season he does his thing out of the ESSstores Jindy and Thredbo.

Joey is now back in Myoko and has been riding plenty of powder this winter, but he filmed this review on the Nitro Pow when he was in Falls Creek for the Nitro Good Times event in Falls Creek last August.  Joey and Nitro crew scored some fresh snow while they were there, perfect for this review as Joey reckons that while this board is perfect for powder, “it still carves really nice and has some nice pop to it.”

“It flies through pow and I rode this board a lot in Japan last year and it’s insane for Japan, but I’m surprised how well it goes in Australia.”

When he’s not fitting boots and giving expert advice to customers Joey is on the mountain doing a bit of “R&D” on the latest snowboards. Whether you are into pow, park or shredding the groomed, Joey can recommend the right board for you. If you have any comments or questions, hit him up on the link below. Happy shredding.