Grasshopper’s Australian Forecast, July 3 – Settled Until The Weekend

July 3rd, 2019
Hotham looking pretty good on Monday, July 1 after a 10cm freshen up on the weekend. Photo: Chris Hocking


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Wednesday, July 3

Synoptic Outlook

We’ve got a settled few days ahead as the high to the west ducks under us and crosses over Tasmania, then stalls in the Tasman Sea during Friday and Saturday. Also on Saturday, northerly winds pick up as a grotty looking front approaches from the west.

Image of The Day


The high looping around us will keep a lid on things until the weekend. Source:: NZ Metservice (vandalised by the Grasshopper)


 Wednesday 3 July

A mostly sunny day with light winds, but a southerly breeze will push a bit of cloud onto Mt Baw Baw.

Thursday 4 July

A beaut day with just a bit of morning cloud. An easterly breeze might push cloud over NSW resorts later in the afternoon.

Friday 5 July

A partly cloudy day with N-NE breezes.

Saturday 6 July

Northerly winds will be pushing in a fair amount of cloud. There might also be a spot of drizzle here and there.

Extended Outlook

The grotty looking front will give us a dousing of rain late Sunday and early Monday, with snow falling only about the tops. What was looking like a promising system following close behind for mid next week, is looking more and more like a fizzer as high pressure keeps pushing it too far south. However, things remain unsettled after that, putting us in good stead for those fabled snowfalls that we desperately need.

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