Grasshopper’s Weekly Japan Forecast

December 12th, 2019


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Japan Forecast – A bit of everything this week, including 20-40cm of snow

Thursday 12thDecember (Japan Time)

Kon’nichiwa my fellow froth merchants. We’re at it again – the first forecast of the season as the northern Hemisphere turns on.

We’re coming at you every Thursday with all the highlights and snowlights for the week. We’ll cover all your meteorological needs so that you can make the most of your time in the “Land of the Falling Powder”.


Strong, temperate W-SW winds and rain will gradually make way for freezing NW winds and glorious Japow today. It’s the good ol’ Japow Machine hard at work at work, fired up by a low scooting by to the north.

The heaviest snowfalls will be this afternoon, before petering out Friday morning as a high and it’s ridge move onto the country.

Snow totals will be mostly in the 10-20cm range across the archipelago, but up to 30cm should fall on the higher bits of Central Honshu, benefitting the Hakuba resorts.


A mostly fine and mild Saturday on central Honshu, while snowfalls ramp up over northern Honshu and Hokkaido as a low brews in the Sea of Japan, although some rain will be thrown into the mix at low levels.

The low will pass over Hokkaido Saturday afternoon, and snowfalls will eventually spread to central Honshu where it’ll also start out as rain on lower slopes.

 After cold air has flooded the country, snowfalls will clear during Sunday and we can chalk up another 10-15cm, with up to double that on the high bits of northern Honshu.


High pressure will bring sunshine to most on Monday, including Hokkaido after resorts there receive their morning flurries.

Then, rain will spread over the country during Tuesday as those cursed, balmy southerly winds kick in ahead of the next approaching low.

The low will pass by somewhere to the north of Honshu during Wednesday morning, pulling cold northerlies over Hokkaido where rain will turn to snow for a time.