New Products – mountainFlow Eco Wax – Plant Based Ski Wax With Zero Petroleum

August 14th, 2020
Chris Davenport, mountainFLOW team rider, ripping through some Buller fresh in 2018. Photo: Tony Harrington


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MountainFLOW makes one of the world’s only plant-based ski and snowboard hot waxes and it is now available in Australia. For context, nearly all wax is made from petroleum and whatever you put on your skis/board goes directly into the snowpack and eventually into local rivers and lakes.

MountainFLOW’s wax is completely biodegradable and works just as well as a conventional, petroleum-based wax. MountainFlow has an impressive team of skiers and snowboarders, including big mountain legends Chris Davenport and Victor de La Rue, who want a fast, durable wax without the harmful residue of conventional petroleum-based wax.

“There is zero reason to put harmful fluoro-based waxes on your skis, never mind the snow,” says Davenport. “With mountainFlow I can have both fast boards and the confidence to know I am doing the right thing.”

mountainFLOW plant based wax is available for a variety of temps

mountainFlow Features

– a combination of plant-based wax delivers the all the properties of conventional wax

– just as fast as conventional wax

– zero petroleum

– biodegradable

– variety of waxes for different temperatures

“We’re excited to expand our line of eco-friendly waxes. Our hope is that every skier and rider will make the choice to use a product that works great and is more friendly to our mountain playgrounds.”

mountainFLOW hot wax is available now in the Eco Range on the Mountainwatch store. Click here to order.