Nikolai Schirmer – Twin Peaks, The Longest Climb and Ski of the Winter. Video

November 28th, 2023

Mountainwatch | Video

In his latest film Nikolai Schirmer he is joined by Scottish snowboarder Calum Macintyre on a short expedition to climb and ride Twin Peaks, an Alaskan-style mountain in northern Norway.

At 800m (2624ft), Twin Peaks is big and steep with long spines, big open faces and, as you’d expect, potential avalanche risk. The mountain is remote but after an 11km hike up the valley and an overnight camp in a snow cave, Nikolai and Calum are presented with good weather, “abnormally” safe avalanche conditions and the opportunity to make the first descent of this spectacular mountain.

Twin Peaks, “the longest climb and ski” of Nikolai Schirmer’s winter.

Of course, nothing is straight forward in the mountains and the film tells the story of the drama and decision-making Nikolai and Calum are faced with in steep, challenging big mountain terrain. Joonas Matilla’s has to be one of the best ski cinematographers out there and there are some spectacular shots and POV footage which make this another film from Schirmer and crew that you do not want to miss

Nikolai Schirmer is a Norwegian freeskier and filmmaker whose films are renowned for their story telling, characters and self-deprecating humour. He is also a busy man and is releasing Topside episodes monthly this northern hemisphere winter – check them out on his You Tube channel