Perisher Park Skied Backwards And We Don’t Mean ‘Switch’ – Video

September 25th, 2018

Mountainwatch | Video

Perisher’s Front Valley Terrain Park has earned a reputation globally for offering some of the best features of anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere during the down under winter. No doubt Thredbo’s been giving them a run for their money with such creations as their recent remodel of Anton’s Park into a ‘Skate Park on Snow.’ 

However, of all the creative lines we’ve seen taken through Perisher’s Slopestyle Terrain Park, we’ve never seen it ridden quite like this…

The temptation is to say it’s skied backward (or switch), but that’s not strictly true.

The truth of the matter is someone (with maybe a little too much time on their hands) has taken the liberty of reversing our very own Russ Henshaw’s landmark video of him stomping a Double Cork 1170 to rail, from a few years ago.

Note: The reversed video is incorrectly attributed to a Norwegian skier.

Watch the short clip for yourself and appreciate everything from the stylish ‘reverse’ riding of Russ, to the park itself and perhaps most of all, appreciate the intricacies and the art of slopestyle skiing in a new light.

Watch the original video of Russ below!