Photo Snow Report – OHAU Backcountry Spring Fresh

October 1st, 2010

Nick Brown and Robett Hollis enjoy a couple of late Spring pow turns in the afternoon.

Snow Journal 28 – 30 September | Pablo Azocar

Ahh Mother Nature, what are you up to? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the latest storms at all, it gave us plenty of fresh snow, some ski resorts even extended their season until the 10th of October, but enjoying it has been quite difficult.

Wind, clouds, sun, snow and more wind have been the conditions everyday. But that didn’t stop the rush of riding fresh snow and because there’s only one first line, we decided to adventure into the path less tracked in the backcountry to make the best of the available powder.

If this ice/snow covered rock could talk it would tell you a lot about the weather and snow conditions last week.

We were able to ride places that didn’t have snow the all season, here Robett Hollis links some turns down the valley, two days later the bottom of the valley was half snow, half grass.

Flat light anybody? This was part of the deal everyday, Shelly Gotlieb waits for a hint of light before floating down her run.

Snow on top, sunny and warm in the valley. Mixed conditions all around the place.

Ohau snow fields are still open and with fresh snow there’s always people keen for a hike.

If you know where you going, you can always find good pockets, Joram Makuru lays down a turn just for fun.

This has to be the park with the best view in NZ, Joram Makuru looking the wrong way on this tire bonk at Ohau.

Lenticular cloud over Ruataniwha Conservation Park, in front of Lake Ohau… it’s October and another storm is rolling in.

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