SHE – Side Hits Euphoria, A Video Series Celebrating In Resort Snowboarding

February 3rd, 2020

Mountainwatch | Video

Most of the videos released each year focus on powder and the backcountry, but the reality is 95% of people who snowboard, and ski do it inside resort boundaries. The thing is, it’s not too hard to free-ride in a resort, most of which are packed with hits, features and rollovers. It’s just matter of reading the terrain and having fun with what is in front of you.

SHE (Side Hits Euphoria), a three-part series featuring French snowboarder Arthur Longo and filmed by Olivier Gittler captures that essence of in-resort riding perfectly. This is the third instalment of SHE and, as you will see, Arthur is having a hell of a lot of fun.

“Oli and I have always wanted to showcase our favorite thing to ride, random poppers and stuff on the side of slopes,” Longo said when launching the series in 2017. “We spent some time this season capturing the treasures of the resorts. Check it out and have fun on any bit of snow you come across!

The boys have been releasing the videos annually and you can check out the first two instalments here.