The Chillfactor Podcast – Snowboarding Legend Jeremy Jones on Big Mountains, Family, Climate Change and Protect Our Winters

October 8th, 2021

Mountainwatch | Podcast Interview

In this episode of the Chillfactor Podcast Reggae Elliss catches up with Jeremy Jones, free rider, big mountain snowboarder, environmentalist and one of the most influential people in the snow industry.

Renowned for his big mountain first descents and exploration deep into the backcountry, Jeremy has featured in over 50 films, including his acclaimed backcountry trilogy Deeper, Further, Higher, produced by Teton Gravity Research, the film company owned by his brothers Todd and Steve.

His latest film, Mountain Revelations, is set for release on October 27 and was in the final editing stage when we spoke with Jeremy last week.



Jeremy grew up in Massachusetts on the US East Coast, was introduced to the snow by his parents and started his snowboard career as a racer – which may explain why he has one of the best turns on snow you’ll ever see. He now lives a full life in Truckee, is married with two teenage kids, is an owner/director of Jones Snowboards and founder of climate action group Protect Our Winters.

He also spends a “shit tonne” of time snowboarding, either at his local resort Palisades Tahoe or split boarding in the backcountry, and surfs as much as he can. Jeremy is an interesting and engaging individual with quite a story to tell. Enjoy the conversation.

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