Thredbo – Best of 2019 Photo Spread and Season Edit

October 11th, 2019
If we are talking “Best Of”, then August 11 is right up there.


Mountainwatch | Photo Spread

When the first real snowfall of 2019 dropped 30cms across the Snowy Mountains in late May, hopes were high in Thredbo for another good winter and it didn’t disappoint. After a great opening weekend, the rest of June was dry, but cold, allowing the snowmakers to fill in for nature, building a good base on all of the main runs with top to bottom skiing on the Supertrail and High Noon by the start of school holidays.


Torah Bright, bluebird day after the first storm of the season in mid-July.


A cold, clear morning, perfect for laying down tracks on the corduroy. Photo: Thredbo

Then the snow kicked in with a very good storm from July 7-9 which dropped 70ms and we were away, with multi-day storms in early August and again in September building  a deep base and guaranteeing good conditions for the rest of the season.


Tess Boller, having a blast in the dry wind-blown on July 15. Photo: Thredbo


Thredbo local Charles Beaton skiing a run the local groms call “Secret Spot, one of his favourite lines in Thredbo’s trees. Photo: Thredbo


With consistent snow down to to the village, Thredbo’s 600 metres of vertical came into its own and there were some incredible powder days off piste while the long, groomed runs had days of top to bottom corduroy and the terrain parks were on point until the end of the season.  Throw in Thredbo’s pumping après scene and on mountain events like the Holy Bowly and the Thredbo snow series and Transfer banked slalom, 2019 will be remembered as another fun season. Bring on 2020.


Dumping snow in the village on August 9.


And the day after, August 10, was so good.


Joey Elliss on a perfect park day in late August. Photo: Thredbo


One of those days you are just stoked to be in the mountains. Photo: Thredbo


Richie Carroll, creating a pow cloud on August 10. Photo: Thredbo


The Big Air comp during the Thredbo Snow Series, September 2. Photo: Thredbo


Thredbo’s terrain park crew did an amazing job with the Holy Bowly set-up in the Anton’s Park in mid-September. Photo: Thredbo


Spring time groomers, September 19. Photo: Thredbo