Ushba – Skiing Alaskan-style Lines in Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains. Video

March 10th, 2021

Mountainwatch | Video

Three-time freeride world champion Markus Eder recently released a video of the attempt he made back in 2017 to ski Mt Ushba, a 4694-metre peak in the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia. Eder was joined by Sam Anthamatten and Leo Semmett and while the trio successfully summited Ushba, the ski back down was abandoned due to poor snow conditions.

However, while that mission had to be abandoned, the surrounding big mountain terrain proved to be a strong lure for the three skiers. The Greater Caucasus Range stretches 1200 kilometres from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea and contains many dramatic peaks with steep terrain and it inspired the crew to return to Georgia where they discovered “freeride heaven”.  The skiing in this video is awesome, the steep Alaskan-like spines, cliff drops and natural features are perfect for fast, creative freeskiing – something at which Eder excels.


A screenshot from the film of Marcus Eder,doing what he does.

“These two trips to Georgia and our objective to be the first people ski down Mt. Ushba (4694m) in the Georgian Caucasus range has probably been the strongest experience in my life as a Freeskier! We failed, but got to experience an amazing country and culture with Alaska like (or better) skiing!  – Markus Eder