VIDEO June Jibbing

July 5th, 2010

Video | Lucas Wilkinson

What’s in your backyard? Jindabyne locals Charlie Timmins, Boen Ferguson, Johnny Lipzker and Russ Henshaw have Thredbo in theirs, so forget swing sets and slippery-slides, as groms these guys played in terrain parks and tree runs. And while our editor Reggae says “they’re still groms, how old are they? they’ll be groms until they have groms…” these guys are making their mark in the world of skiing. Russ has distinguished himself on the AFP World Tour, finishing second in the world for big air in the 2009/10 season. Boen and Charlie represented at the 2009 World Heli Challenge in New Zealand and star in this year’s Chillfactor mag, jumping off, over and on every natural feature at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wymong USA and Johnny’s name is a familiar feature in the top placings for freeride events.

But the coolest thing about them is probably how much they still just love it. On the morning of this filming session Charlie shot down the suggestion of coffee with “nah, lets just go skiing.” And when a small accident with the tripod forced a break in the early afternoon no one wanted to call it a day. Despite wearing ski boots more days than not in a year these guys are just super keen on skiing.

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