VIDEO – Made You Look – Webisode 3

September 28th, 2009

Made You Look – webisode 3 of 7.
The Made You Look crew Continue exploring Japan hunting for street rails and scoring epic blower powder.

Made You Look is an Australian and NZ Snowboard film due for release in July 2010. Filmed over 2 years, the film features the top snowboarding talent from both OZ and NZ, filmed at home on our local mountains and in the Northern Hemisphere.
Made You Look will be the first homegrown feature snowboard film to be created in a couple of years and will be released with Transfer Snowboard Magazine in 2010.
The full teaser is set to drop in late October 09.
Stay tuned for your weekly Made You Look webisodes exclusively here on and Transfer Snowboard Magazine.
Riders list for the movie includes:

Nick Hyne
Nick Brown
Roland Morley Brown
Nathan Johnstone
Jye Kearney
Tom Pelley
Rob Mitchell
Jake Koia
Ryan Tiene
Nick Gregory
Charles Beckinsale
Mikey Williams
+ many more.