VIDEO SoO AIRTIME Day Zero – Setting the Scene

August 30th, 2011

SoO is all about super creative shred, no divisions between skiers and snowboarders exist here, all are working together. Image:: Joey Corcoran

SoO AirTime | Joey Corcoran

Last night, some of Australia’s best Snowboarders, Skiers, Filmers, Cinematographers and Photographers summited this beautiful lady that is Mt Buller. Today…all of them came. Day ZERO of SoO AirTime 2011 Began!!! There was extra excitement as it was the first day where Snowboarders competed in SoO AirTime. The objective of today was simple; get everyone on the mountain, test out some potential video effects and get the concepts of the two edits dialed. SUPER CREATIVE. The Spiritual Leader of this wonderful thing that is SoO Airtime, Watkin McLennan, is currently sitting in the cat for the second night in a row, building the main shred feature on the Summit. The tone of the day was a mix of excitement and relaxation, as some opted for beers, others for a casual shred. Weather came and went, but dear lord it will be sent. The Excitement is there and I’m off to have a beer.

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