Snowtweeters Helping You Find Friends on the Slopes

July 5th, 2010

Press Release

Snowtweeters is a free service that acts as a clearinghouse of the tweeted ski/ride plans of people who are interested in meeting other compatible skiers/riders during an up-coming trip, that is, when plans coincide to be at the same resort on the same day.

Users click a link that launches Twitter and auto-fills the person’s status with the basis for a tweet that is then edited (by them) to describe their ski/ride plans, and optionally, their snowsport preference, ability and age/gender. These tweets also include the search term needed for a given Twitter feed, that is, the URL of that Twitter feed’s page at Snowtweeters.

The growth of Snowtweeters is predicted by the inclusion of the Snowtweeters URL in each tweet, thus introducing a viral promotion when user followers become users of the service themselves, etc. Once people start meeting at resorts, a powerful word-of-mouth promotion will also be possible.

The resorts also have a lot at stake for the success of Snowtweeters. “One appealing aspect for the snowsport industry,” said Dr. Hadley, “is that the prospect of meeting someone new on a given trip can motivate people to go skiing/riding more often, or motivate them to head for the slopes in the first place”. Indeed, a primary reason that people do not go skiing or snowboarding is the lack of someone to invite to the slopes.
The Snowtweeter’s business model is to eventually sell advertising to companies that would be interested in targeting this active skier/rider population. This advertising will combine limited banner inventory and the sale of e-coupons that accompany “Snowtweeter Alerts”, an opt-in email service with the capability to target people by the resorts they visit and where they reside. was recently launched by Dr. Jeff Hadley and is based in the United States.