Gear Guide – The Ski Mojo

July 17th, 2018

Gear Guide : The Ski Mojo Video Review

Mountainwatch // Reggae Elliss


The Ski Mojo is a brace that uses spring recoil technology to take of 30% of the strain off the legs and knees while skiing or snowboarding. Designed to reduce fatigue and help with weak legs or knees, the Ski Mojo fits to the back of your boots, the light-weight rods running down the outside of your legs from a harness around your waist and neoprene knee supports which contain the powerful springs.

According to the website the Ski Mojo, “supplements the power of the leg muscles, this in turn reduces impact, substantially delays muscle fatigue and alleviates leg and knee pain.”

We took the Ski Mojo for a test-run at Thredbo last week and can definitely see how it reduces impact on the knees and reduces fatigue, letting you ski or board longer each day.

The Ski Mojo is now available in Australia. For more info go to: