Video — The Big Mountain Tour — La Grave – Ep 1

April 22nd, 2014

Stian Hagen, Christina Lusti, Austin Ross, Ian Mcintosh, Lagrave, France
photo:Adam Clark

With a name like La Grave it’s no wonder the chutes look this formidable – ropes and harness mandatory Image:: Adam Clark

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La Grave is one French ski destination that should be right on top of any self-respecting big-mountain skier’s bucket list, and it’s certainly not one for the faint-hearted. Boasting 2300m of vertical, with no avalanche control or on-piste skiing, this spot is literally a melting pot of big-mountain ski descents. So naturally, it was a perfect launching point for Völkl’s new BMT, or Big Mountain Touring ski system…

In search of fresh powder, great adventures and unforgettable moments the Völkl skiers Ian McIntosh, Christina Lustenberger, Austin Ross and Stian Hagen decided to move south from their base in Chamonix to La Grave. Equipped with the new Völkl v-werks BMT (Big Mountain Touring) skis they explored the amazing terrain with local guide Joe Vallone. Randomly none of them had ever skied La Grave before, but definitely will again after this first experience.