‘BULLER WIDE”- Tony Harrington’s Latest Photo Exhibition In Buller

August 29th, 2018
Rose Morning: For just a minute the whole mountain glows pink as the sun climbs over Mt Stirling and touches the summit of Mt Buller. A new day captured from above.


Mountainwatch | Photos and captions Tony Harrington

Australian snow and surf photographer Tony Harrington has just opened a new exhibition of his work in The Alpine Central building in Mt Buller. Renowned as an action photographer, Harro has been shooting surf and snow since he was 16 and during that time has worked with some of the world’s best and has had a number of covers on ski, snowboard and surfing magazines, with here and overseas.

However, Buller Wide does not feature Harro’s action photography, but is a landscape exhibition and the subject is Mount Buller in its many moods. Harro has travelled to some of the world’s most incredible locations including Alaska, Iceland, Greenland and Hawaii and the beauty of the landscape captures his imagination as much as the action taking place within that landscape.


Summit Spring: I’m often surprised at the snow riches spring delivers at Mt Buller. Far from being a time of melting and mud, it’s often when we enjoy generous snow cover and the Summit Chutes, traditionally boney and unforgiving, are rich and loaded.

“Shooting the landscape scenes might seem like a downshift in gears compared to action, but in actual fact it’s not,” said Harro. “I still have to wait tirelessly for weeks, months, even years for the elements to come together with light and landscape to create a special image. When the time comes, it’s full-0throttle in set up and focus to capture “the moment” as it only usually lasts a split second.”


Lilac Dawn : The light and colour in the mountains is sometimes surreal. It makes hiking up before dawn worth every moment.

“I like to present work that would be very rare to capture by just turning up in a place on a few days visit. Each image is quite technical in the taking of, post production and printing. I believe that is what makes my work unique – and the story the goes behind its creation.”


Silver Lady: You usually hear these squeaky, cheeky Gang Gangs before you see them. The males making a dramatic show with their strawberry plumage and are usually crunching loudly on gum nuts. This young female was perfectly happy to sit in her snow-covered tree and snack while I took her portrait, her delicate feathers mimicking the tones of the snow gums.


Snowgum study: The snow gums are such a special part of the Australian alpine scene and just being surrounded by these adaptable and ancient trees can stop you in your tracks. In a world of white and snow, suddenly there is colour.

Harro is one of those people who is always busy, and he owns and operates the Rip Curl store and the Photo Shop in Buller, is out shooting when he can and is also founder and director of the Buller X big mountain comp. In our summer Harro spends six weeks in Hawaii where he films and photographs the big wave season before heading to Jackson Hole, his second mountain home, in mid-February for another six weeks shooting in the snow.


Mind-ski the Southside: Whichever direction you look at Mt Buller there are ridges and valleys and ski runs and details to savour. There is nothing quite like viewing the mountain from the air to be reminded there are still plenty of secrets she is keeping.

What’s next? “I’ve already been working on a theme for next year’s Mt Buller exhibition that’s coming together nicely, and I’ll continue to travel to shoot and film. I’ve recently finished a one-hour film called “Emocean” that has been among the official selections at the Newport Beach, Honolulu, Florida and Santa Cruz Surf Film Festivals and this has already open the door to another film project.  ”


Serenity Ridge: An easily overlooked and little known corner of the mountain, straddling in-bounds and out of bounds up on the Summit. Most hike right past on their way to look west and watch the sunset or to head over to challenging black runs off to the south. But as a place to pause and take in the start of a new day, with Grimus Chairlift (the highest on the mountain honouring Hans Grimus) nestled below, it gives a special perspective looking out to Stirling and Cobbler.

Check out www.harroart.com for a peak into Harro’s world of surf, snow and mages available and the trailer for Emocean: https://vimeo.com/248822189


Harro also has some of his epic surf photos in the exhibition. The Banzai Pipeline, North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

The Buller Wide Exhibition is located in the Alpine Central building on Mt Buller and is running until the end of September. Harro can be contacted on 0427427761 or emailed 
harro@harroart.com His work makes perfect gifts for any occasion, in homes, offices or buildings.