Grasshopper’s Australian Forecast, Sunday July 7 – Transition Period As We Approach a Snowy Outlook

July 7th, 2019


Thredbo this morning with only a thin cover below 1500 metres. That should change by next weekend with significant snow in the forecast.


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Sunday, July 7

Synoptic Outlook

A soggy front approaching from the west will spread rain and drizzle over the Aussie Alp later today. The wet stuff will continue to fall tomorrow, but it will turn to snow about the tops as it eases. Brisk, chilly westerlies on Tuesday will blow in a couple of snowflakes, which will build into a tiny, little more substantial falls during Wednesday, as a cold front approaches from the west and NW winds start ruffling more than just feathers.

Image of The Day


Not too bad a start to the day, but it’ll start going down hill from later this afternoon as a soggy front approaches from the west. Source:: NZ Metservice (vandalised by the Grasshopper)


 Sunday 7 July

Northerly winds are pushing in a fair amount of cloud, which will thicken before drizzly, rainy stuff spreads over the Aussie Alps from late this afternoon.

Monday 8 July

Wake up to a drizzly, rainy day and hit the snooze button. It’ll fall as snow about the tops and start clearing from afternoon. NW winds will gradually swing around to the west.

Tuesday 9 July

A fairly cloudy day, with a couple of snowflakes falling here and there, and a brisk, chilly westerly wind.

Wednesday 10 July

Mostly cloudy again with a few light snow flurries. Chilly NW winds strengthening, reaching gale in exposed places.

Extended Outlook

The cold front is likely to be the start of the storm we’ve been waiting for (storm name pending). The front should hit during Thursday, with heavy snowfalls on the cards, followed up another wave of cold air late Friday and early Saturday, with more moderate looking snowfalls. Lighter snowfalls and cold temps should continue through next Sunday and into Monday. Accumulations could be substantial for this event, maybe up to half a metre or more in some areas.

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