Grasshopper’s Weekly Japan Forecast, January 16 – 15 to 25cms To Fall During A Quiet Week

January 16th, 2020


Backcountry powder at an undisclosed location near Niseko this week. Photo: Charlie Wood/Niseko Photography and Guiding


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Valid Thursday 16thJanuary to Thursday 23rdJanuary


Chilly westerlies bring light snowfalls today and Friday. A snowless weekend with plenty of sunshine, before a low brings a tidy 5-15cm top-up on Monday and some light leftovers during Tuesday. A cold front may bring another few centimetres Wednesday, clearing up next Thursday.

Central Honshu

Some clear sky today, but flurries in the north this morning. A low to the east brings a good 15-25cm to southern and eastern areas late Friday through Saturday, but nothing much on the Sea of Japan side until colder northerlies bring a dusting Sunday morning. A low to the north brings mostly light snowfall Monday and Tuesday morning, but there’ll be heavier falls in the Echigo Range. Wednesday & next Thursday will be mostly dry with some blue sky.


A synoptic snapshot for dawn on Monday showing a low about to dart through the Tsugaru Strait between Honshu and Hokkaido. This low will be the biggest snow event in a relatively quiet week ahead. Source:

Northern Honshu

Light snow showers clear up Friday. A dry weekend with some blue skies, before a low brings moderate falls Monday morning, then light leftovers into Tuesday. A cold front may bring a dusting late Wednesday setting up a bluebird next Thursday

That’s it from me folks, see you next Thursday!