Leichhardt Chair Construction Update 3: Stand Those Towers – Installation continues on Perisher’s New Leichhardt Quad Chairlift! 

March 25th, 2019


Mountainwatch | Press Release

Perisher, March 22: With less than 100 days from winter excitement is building and towers have now been installed on the new $4.2 Million Leichhardt Quad Chairlift. The construction team has been busy preparing for the arrival of the new lift towers and as soon as they arrived it was all systems go!


Photo: Perisher


–  Over the past couple of weeks, the new chairlift towers, bull wheels and other components arrived.

–  These lift components are made specifically to size and shipped directly to Perisher from Dopplemayr.

–  From here the parts are unloaded and assembled on-site at Perisher.

–  Both crane and helicopter services have been used to install the 6 new lift towers.

–  Once the tower is standing tall, the Cross-head (where the cable sits) is installed onto the top of the tower.

– Towers 5 & 6 were transported to top station via truck and lifted into place using crane.

-Towers 1-4 were not accessible by crane, so a Helicopter was used to lift the towers directly from the storage area in the Perisher Car Park and transported to the Leichhardt site.


Photo: Perisher

Extensive work on top station has the unload area taking shape.  Top and Bottom Station Masts that house the new chairlifts Bull Wheels have also been constructed.

With winter on its way, get excited the new chairlift will increase lifting capacity in the Leichhardt area by 75% to give access to the awesome terrain on offer. The project will also see snowmaking installation from Happy Valley T-Bar to the base of the new chair.


Hopefully the snow will be like this for the grand opening of the new chair! Photo: Perisher