Nikolai Schirmer and Friends Ski Ridiculously Steep Lines and 9000 feet of Vertical In Chamonix-Mont Blanc

February 10th, 2020

Mountainwatch | Video

Chamonix holds a revered position in the world of big mountain skiing and snowboarding and ski mountaineering. It is big and steep and much of its terrain is regarded as the most challenging in the world.

This video from Norwegian pro skier, climate activist and film maker Nikolai Schirmer was filmed in Chamonix last month, a time when conditions were not ideal, with hard-packed, icy snow and a lot of exposure.

That didn’t stop Nikolai and his “gang of happy shredders”, including Flo Bastien and Jacob Wester, from rappeling into some ridiculously steep lines and skiing over 9000 feet of vertical from the peak to the valley.

“I feel there is zero risk of dying, but a fair chance of getting hurt,” Nikolai casually says at one point.  “That I can live with.”

Chamonix and the people who ski its gnarliest lines; it is a different world.