Olympian and World Champion Bode Miller Launches New Ski Brand

April 7th, 2022
Bode Miller, R&D in Big Sky, Montana. Photo: Kelly Gorham/Peak Ski Company

Mountainwatch | Press Release

BOZEMAN, Mont., April 6, 2022: Bode Miller, the two-time overall World Cup champion and six-time Olympic medalist, and co-founder Andy Wirth today announced the launch of a new venture, Peak Ski Company, LLC, a direct-to-consumer, high-performance ski and brand platform that is leading with a line of six all mountain and side-country alpine skis. The Peak Ski Company was co-founded by Miller, who will be Peak’s Chief Innovation Officer and Wirth, Peak’s Chief Executive Officer, a respected executive with global experience in the mountain resort sector, including commercial and retail operations and technology platform development.

“Our world-class team and I began over a year ago with the intense focus on developing the highest performance skis possible, for all skiers and truly, every part of the mountain. I was deeply engaged in the design of skis throughout my racing career where I learned that every single element, design feature and measurement – no matter how miniscule – that makes up a ski, influences performance,” explains Miller.

“Just one small example is that if you change the rise or the rocker by a millimeter or two, you change how the ski engages at the initiation of a turn. If you change that, then you need to compensate by adjusting the torsional rigidity of the ski underfoot. It was with that experience, I learned years ago that a cutaway in front of the binding, unlocks the torsional performance of a ski. We’ve integrated this feature, calling it Keyhole Technology, into all our skis and it has yielded great results. After years of research, design, and experimentation and over three months of testing the 2022/23 line of skis here in Big Sky, Montana, I can verify that these skis rip… and we are just getting started,” said Miller.


Bode Miller, left, and Peak Skis co-founder Andy Wirth. Photo: Peak Ski Company

“Bode’s racing experience and passion for performance, coupled with his unique and creative approach to engineering, are the key differentiators of our company,” said Wirth. “At the core of Peak Ski’s brand platform is the lineup of six, high performance all mountain skis for 2022/23. Today, we are announcing our first line of skis, however, the long-term strategic vision that Bode and I share entails so much more and is almost entirely centered on innovation.

“We are already exploring the development and use of advanced materials, including thermoplastics, the possible integration of high-tech devices in our skis, and even have our sights on revolutionizing the process and machinery used to manufacture skis. We see the opportunity for long term success and growth here at Peak Ski Company by way of our constant focus on innovation along with our team’s ethos, which features a hunger for precision and high-performance and a truckload of grit. I’m proud to have these skis be the first step — our first expression — of the Peak Ski Company.”


The initial Peak line-up, four all-mountain and two side country skis. Photo: Peak Ski Company

Keyhole Technology TM is a unique oval cutaway in the top layer of aluminum-titanium alloy that delivers what Peak calls “accessible power”— skis that are uniquely high performers when skiers are just cruising on groomers yet are ready when skiers ramp up speed and energy.  As an added benefit, the Keyhole allows for less side cut in the wider models. In all terrain, particularly off trail, this feature allows for easy turn initiation and the ability to alter turn shapes at will.  With Keyhole Technology TM, Peak is also the first company to offer skis that are perfectly balanced for every user in all lengths, with proper flex and accessible power built into each ski.

The lineup of skis for 2022/2023 include four models of Peak by Bode Miller skis, predominantly for front country skiing, with each model being delineated by the measurement (in millimeters) underfoot: The Peak 88; The Peak 98; The Peak 104, and; the Peak 110.  The company has also developed a line of high-performance “side-country” skis, Peak SC by Bode Miller, including Peak SC 98’s and Peak SC 104’s.  The Peak SC by Bode Miller skis feature the relatively lightweight characteristics of backcountry or touring skis, yet uniquely integrate those high-performance qualities more typically found in front country skis.


Bodie on the Peak SC 104. Photo: Kelly Gorham /Peak Ski Company

The 2022/23 Peak by Bode Miller skis and Peak SC by Bode Miller skis will both be priced at USD$890 and exclusively available through peakskis.com. Based on the finite number of the company’s 22/23 line of skis, Peak Ski Company has developed a special reservation program including a fully refundable $50 deposit, allowing customers to lock-in the desired model and length of Peak skis well ahead of the 22/23 season.

Additional details on the Peak DG by Bode Miller skis will be made available in early Fall of 2022. Head to Peak Skis for further information.