Over Half A Metre Of Spring Powder For New Zealand Today – Photo Wrap Up

September 18th, 2018
The Remarkables looking nothing short of remarkable… Hannah Wilson reveling in the bluebird Pow just a few hours ago. Photo:: Blake Marshall

Mountainwatch | Matt Wiseman

It doesn’t get much better than spring powder…

It’s like finding out you have one more Christmas present yet to unwrap after being sure you’d untied your last bow. We’ll admit even we were guilty of counting our 2018 ski season chickens, especially in New Zealand considering the closing day for resorts like Treble Cone is slated to be just 5 days away… on the 23rdof September.

However, considering 70cm fell on Treble Cone in the past 48hrs, 60cm fell on Cardrona, 60cm fell on Coronet Peak and 50cm fell on The Remarkables, with more than a few centimetres falling all the way down to Lake level in both Wanaka and Queenstown, we wouldn’t be too surprised if closing day gets pushed back a little… watch this space!

At the very least the riding until closing day is now guaranteed to be pretty epic.

The Grasshopper hit the nail on the head yesterday when he foresaw the snowfall being, “one of the biggest snowfalls for the region this season.”

In fact, it’s turned out to be the biggest single snowfall of the entire 2018 season!

Check out some of the mouth-watering photos and videos taken today below… and prepare to be very envious!




Treble Cone and the surrounding Wanaka region have been absolutely transformed, with comparisons to Norwegian Fjords being drawn on social media this morning. Photo:: Jackson Lana/Treble Cone


Those who managed to score first chair, or near enough were treated to quite possibly the best runs on the best day of the season. Photo:: Jackson Lana/Treble Cone


Given the amount of snow on TC’s surrounding peaks, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s mid-winter. Photo:: Jackson Lana/Treble Cone


Visibility was at an all-time high, as were froth levels. Photo:: Jackson Lana/Treble Cone


Friends on a powder day? Photo:: Jackson Lana/Treble Cone


The mountain ops and ski patrol crews did an outstanding job ensuring the mountain was safe for everyone. If you look closely at this image taken from a heli before lifts opened at TC, you’ll see two minuscule ski patrollers assessing stability and ski cutting to the right of the lifts. Photo:: Jackson Lana/Treble Cone


Several point releases occurred after bombing from the heli this morning. Photo:: Jackson Lana/Treble Cone


The section of cat track in the bottom left corner should give you an idea of how big the releases actually were… Photo:: Jackson Lana/Treble Cone


Not too far away at The Remarkables and the Southern Alps were also basking in bluebird glory today. Photo:: The Remarkables


The Remarkables looking a lot more moody yesterday… Photo:: The Remarkables




Over at Coronet Peak, it didn’t take long for the pristine powdery canvas to look more like a cubist painting. We suspect there were more than a few ‘snowies’ thrown and we don’t blame them!




As resorts were closed yesterday on account of the sheer inundation, it’s safe to say today was a recipe for success.





Skiers were forced to get creative yesterday as resorts were shut to deal with the snow. Oli Jeffs got particularly creative and commented on Instagram, “who said Wanaka wasn’t ski-in ski-out…” Photo:: James Coates

As for the remaining spring forecast, the Grasshopper foresees a strong follow-up dump inbounds again for the Southern Lakes:

As the second front continues north it spins up into a low, which rolls over the top of NZ during Saturday, dropping rain onto Ruapehu while a ridge brings sunshine to southern ski fields. Another cold outbreak on Sunday will see another good dumping of snow for the South Island all the way through Monday, with Ruapehu also getting a fair dollop. – The Grasshopper

Whilst Treble Cone is indeed slated to close on the 23rd of September, The Remarkables and Coronet Peak will remain open until October 7 and Cardrona will stay open to the public as late as October 14. Most North Island resorts will keep operating all the way until October 22.

Last minute trip across the ditch anyone?