Perisher – Best of 2019 Photo Spread

October 4th, 2019


Lee Rolls in heaven on a magic morning at Guthega. Photo: Perisher


Mountainwatch | Photo Journal

OK, we may be jumping the gun a bit with a “Best of 2019” photo spread as Perisher’s season isn’t over just yet, with lifts spinning until 4pm on Sunday October 13. However, we thought now is as good a time as any to run some epic photos from this winter, it might even inspire you to head up for a few turns next week­. There’s also the chance of fresh snow; in his forecast today the Grasshopper called for a few centimetres down to base level on Monday night into Tuesday.

This season will turn out to be the longest on record for Perisher, with lifts open for 136 days from the early opening on May 31 to closing on October 13. During that time there have been sine great days on the hill. These photos, favourites chosen by Perisher’s media team, are just a small taste of a fun winter.


Amber Aranzy, slicing through some mid-July pow in Perisher valley. Photo: Perisher


One of those days that stays with you over a long, hot summer. Photo: Perisher


Lee Rolls, too much fun on an August powder morning at Leichhardt. Photo: Perisher


Georgia Baff, cruising down to Guthega. Photo: Perisher


Trent Pipher enjoying 20cms of fresh snow in Perisher, dry and light with the temp at minus 5 degrees. Photo: Perisher


Ben Chapman (skier) and Joss McAlpin, high fives during an awesome morning at Blue Cow. Photo: Perisher