Sei Kou Tou Tei, Chasing the Storms Of Hokkaido – Episode 2. Video

March 24th, 2020


Mountainwatch | Video

Smashing Pow and Trees in Minus 20 Degrees

This is the second episode of a five-part series as Oyuki team riders Pep Fujas, Eric Jackson and Toshiya “Kassun” Kasuga search for big snow throughout the wilds of Hokkaido. 

Pep, Eric and Kassun’s original idea was to arrive in Japan with no plans, just a vision of chasing storms in search of the best possible snow conditions. However, as it often does, nature had its own intentions.  Japan was in the midst of one of its lowest snow seasons on record, presenting Pep, Eric and Kassun with a unique problem…how do you find ‘big snow’ in the powder capital of the world?


Eric Jackson, checking out a potential line form below. Photo: Nolan Isozaki

Relying on local knowledge, a flexible schedule and their own never-ending drive to ride powder, Pep, Eric and Kassun set out on a journey which was more challenging and, in turn, more rewarding, than they imagined possible.


Pep Fujas, taking a different line through the  trees. Photo: Nolan Isozaki


Sei Kou Tou Tei, Chasing The Storms of Hokkaido

Riders: Pep Fujas, Eric Jackson, Toshiya ‘Kassun’ Kasuga

Filmers: Lucas Wilkinson, Adam Kroenert

Photographer: Nolan Isozaki