The 6th Annual FreeBom Enjoys Perfect Bluebird Conditions in Mt Buller

August 20th, 2019


Max Bernard, mastering the moguls on his way to the Spiritual Leader Award for 2019. Photo: Tony Harrington


Mountainwatch | Watkin McLennan

It was the sixth annual FreeBOM, the event that brings music to Wood Run and asks skiers to find the line between chaos and control. Everyone was out in the sun celebrating freeskiing, alpine fashion and Mt Buller.

All participants were given a T-shirt that read “Get Animal”. They took the advice and skied like dolphins swim. Skiers leaped out of the moguls, they carved through the slush and clapped their flippers together with glee.


Hold on to your hats, the Teletubbies are giving chase. Photo: Tony Harrington

A bar was set up to feed and quench the volunteers. The hospitality was infectious. Everyone in the crowd brought along little treats and if they didn’t there was plenty to share around. The community spirit was high.

It is peak season at Mt Buller and FreeBOM is peak Buller. It is the day where the Mt Buller ski community come together from Shaky Knees to Sky Line, Little Buller to Boggy Creek, no matter where you normally ski on Buller, last Saturday, everyone was on Wood Run.


The party run – it’s a wrap.

It had to be the biggest party run of all time. I reckon there were over 100 skiers on the run. Almost as many skiers as there were moguls.

The Buller community really got behind the event. Prizes were donated by The Photoshop, Koflers, Pension Grimus, Buller Grocer’s, The Boot Lab, Mt Buller, Client Liaison and Sontimer.

Abbey Schwarz, self-appointed Head Judge said of the event:

“Everybody skied living by the “Carve till you starve, shred till ya dead” moto. But Max Bernard was a special kind of skier. He skied with ’80s flare, jumping off a mogul doing a back flip, real old school swag. The way it should be done. “


One of the Randall’s on her way to being part of the family run award. That’s dad, not far behind,  in the shark outfit. Photo: Tony Harrington


Christian Sirianni, went big to claim the Winkipop award for the biggest big air. Photo: Tony Harrington


Spiritual Leader Award  – Max Bernard

Kirstie Marshall award (best Female) – Eliza Murdoch

Nick Cleaver award (Best male) – Henry Eisner

Pigmy Possum Male U12 – Hamish Roche

Pigmy Possum Female U12 – Lucy Butler

Future Focused Male U18 – Hugo Bernard

Future Focused Female U18 – Georgia Mathews

Mr Energetic 40+  – Vaughan Rusier

Mrs Energetic 40+ – Nicole Randall

Family Run – The Randall’s

Winkipop (best air) – Christian Sirianni

The Client Liaison award (best dressed) – Jemima, Zara and Jock

Steven Bradbury (best crash) – Doug Mathews


Marc Lepage, all the way from Quebec, locked in Mt Buller as the 100th resort he has skied on Saturday. And he he skied in FreeBom as well. Photo: TonyHarrington


Client Liaison handing out the award for best dressed.