Veteran Relearns How To Ski After Losing A Limb In Afghanistan – Video

September 20th, 2019

Mountainwatch | Video

“A mission in Afghanistan in 2005 left former US Marine Phil Quintana without his lower leg. As a lifelong skier of Squaw Valley, Quintana was determined to keep riding the mountain. It took him three years, but he took on the challenge of adapting to continue his journey as a skier.” – Powder Magazine

This episode is presented by Alterra as part of the Ikon Pass Adaptive Series, featuring adaptive athletes skiing and riding at Alterra resorts.

The Summit at Alpine Meadows is a fun run for expert skiers and a rite of passage for those aspiring to be experts, but it presents a different level of challenge for disabled skiers. Phil has devoted a lot of his post-military life to being in the mountains because they bring him peace—but he hasn’t completely lost the mission mentality. This past winter, he made a point of taking on The Summit. Fortunately, he took us along for the ride.