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July 14th, 2010

There’s just about enough snow to step out of the park and make some turns. Image:: courtesy Zoe Jaboor

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I’m sick of being the only girl in the park or the only girl that enters a comp! So this year, along with four of my best mates, I’m heading up a new initiative called Chicks with Stix. Chicks with Stix partners with TBR with Roxy and encourages girls to get into freestyle skiing using three methods:

  • Chick of the week: a weekly encouragement award presented to a young girl in TBR.
  • Chicks with Stix Freeride Sessions: run over three weekends in July, anybody is welcome to come and ski with myself, Anna Segal, Nat Segal, Nicole Lewis and Katie Blamey (the girl coaches of TBR). These freeride sessions are open to anybody and are absolutely free, just turn up at Koflers on the 17th of July or the 24th of July at 3pm.
  • Chicks with Stix Throwdown event: held on the 4th of September on Chamios, this event is totally freeriding and is judged on line taken, fluidity, execution and fun!

The Chicks lovin’ the first Chicks with Stix session. Image:: Courtesy Zoe Jaboor

We had our first Chix with Stix freeride session the weekend before last. It was heaps of fun with around 30 girls turning out. Check out the Chicks with Stix facebook page for more info and some great pics.

Skiing has given me the opportunity to meet new people, travel to amazing places and helped me to learn more about myself and what I can achieve. This program encourages girls to get into skiing while promoting social connection, good role models, a positive body image and straight up fun. I would like to see more girls out there in the park, on jumps and in the bumps both at amateur and professional levels. I would like this program to assist girls by creating a successful pathway into skiing.
Our next Chicks with Stix session is on Saturday the 17th of July and is set to be a big one with the likes of Olympian Katya Crema also rocking up to hang out with the crew. See all you girls at Koflers at 3pm on Saturday!

Our TBR teammates Joey Corcoran, Watkin McLennan and Oscar McLennan have also been busy boys and have put together a very exciting event this year called SoO Airtime. This unique and exciting event uses film and skiing as a social medium to capture audiences over their website. All you need to do is make a short edit of your season, week or weekend in the Aussie snowfields and post it on www.sooairtime.com for the chance at winning amazing prizes such as trips to Japan! Anybody can vote on their website and pick the winning edits.

Girls, this is how it’s done. Image:: Courtesy Zoe Jaboor

Well the season in well underway and there is just about enough snow to finally step out of the rail park and make some turns! I have already had some great days out there. One of the best would have to be the weekend before last when I was helping three promising girls, no older than 13 learn their first 360’s. All of them nailed them by the end of the morning and were killing it by the end of the afternoon. Nothing like a sunny Buller day in a park learning something new!

Head to the Chicks with Stix facebook page
SoO AirTime promises to be the new event of the season. Check our more about it here

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