World Snow Wrap – Someone Forgot to Tell BC Winter’s Over

March 15th, 2012

Some of Whistler’s best snow so far. Image:: Coast Photo/Whistler

Weekly Snow Wrap

If the British Columbia PR people haven’t been using the term ‘March madness’ they should be. BC is smack bang in the middle of one marathon of a snowfall. While most other places are thinking about spring corn and longer daylight hours Mt Washington, Whistler and the rest are calling it some of the best days of the season.


British Columbia

Status: Open 100% pretty much everywhere

Recent snow: A big weekend coming at the end of a big week. 154cm at Mt Washington over the weekend stands out but there were big snowfalls pretty much everywhere – 50cm at Fernie, Whitewater and Mt Seymour, 70cm at Whistler… and that’s all in the last four days. The week has been snow-filled.

Coming snow: The snow is going to continue for the next seven days. 157cm for Whistler, 25cm – 30cm for Silver Star and Big White, some good late season snow!

Conditions generally: superb spring!


Status: Open 100% pretty much everywhere

Recent snow: A good weekend in Alberta, as much as 40cm in Castle Mountain, 31cm in Lake Louise.

Coming snow: About another 35cm is on the way this week.

Conditions generally: So much fresh snow is keeping the season going strong in Alberta.



Status: Pretty much 100% open across the state

Recent snow: From 82cm at Boreal to 5cm at Mammoth it’s been a varied start to the week in California. Squaw is declaring miracle March with 50cm and counting!

Coming snow: The Tahoe area should get well over 30cm in the next five to seven days, measurements won’t be so spectacular at Mammoth but there’s still some moderate snow expected.

Conditions generally: Very respectable, around Tahoe in particular.

Aspen from the CineStar 6 from on Vimeo.



Status: 100% pretty much all round.

Recent snow: There hasn’t been much snow for Colorado this week – virtually nothing in fact, just some clear skies.

Coming snow: Sunday is standing out as snow-day, but there’s only 10cm expected, apart from that one anomaly it’s looking pretty sunny in Colorado all week.

Conditions generally: A very respectable couple of weeks means that even with this run of sunshine the bases are still holding up quite nicely and the skiing is pleasantly spring-like.


Status: 100% or near enough.

Recent snow: Sunshine for Utah this week also.

Coming snow: The good news, snow on Sunday, the bad news, rain until then… spring is here.

Conditions generally: Ok but the rain won’t help.

North West – Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon

Status: Pretty much all open at nearly 100%

Recent snow: Do we even need to ask – once again Washington has been in it’s own weird little snow-vortex. 132cm at Mt Barker in the last three days is the standout. The snow wasn’t as amazing further south but Montana and Wyoming are both sporting freshies.

Coming snow: It should snow all week with the weekend shaping up to be the heaviest days, particularly in Jackson Hole.

Conditions generally: Just incredible.

Wish we were in their shoes. Image:: Coast photo/Whistler



Status: Open

Recent snow: Snowfall last Thursday then blue skies over the weekend – leading to some warmer temperatures.

Coming snow: All Spring like an sunny until next weekend when it may return to some cold snowy weather.

Conditions generally: It’s spring-time with all that implies.


Status: Yep, open.

Recent snow: Some splashes of snow, particularly in the east – Kaprun and Ellmau received about 10cm on Monday but generally a rather dry week so far.

Coming snow: Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine.

Conditions generally: Temperatures are creeping up but there’s a pretty solid base there yet.


Status: Open, open and open right across the alps.

Recent snow: No snow offered up this past week.

Coming snow: Again, sunshine until the weekend, but it could change on the weekend

Conditions generally: It’s still pretty good! The cover softens in the middle of the day but overall lovely spring riding.


Status: Same story – open.

Recent snow: There wasn’t any snow to be had this past week in Italy

Coming snow: Same story – sunny all week, perhaps a change coming through on the weekend.

Conditions generally: Like everywhere else, gloriously spring-like. Glorious because winter’s snowfalls have left a lovely cover to transform into spring corn.