Summer Snowfall For Australian Resorts – 30cm on December 2nd – Top Photos & Videos

December 2nd, 2019
This is not an old photo… It was taken at Hotham about 4 hours ago… Photo:: Hotham

Mountainwatch | Matt Wiseman

Pinch and a punch and a foot of pow for the first 2 days of the month! Much of the Australian alps woke to a pretty staggering sight this morning with up to 30cm blanketing the resorts since early yesterday and throughout last night.

We were doing double takes of our Mountainwatch models last week when we saw some of our Aussie resorts jostling for position in our top 10, seven day forecast totals. While these quickly gave way to the enormous totals that have been falling across the likes of California and Utah, the models aligned and delivered snow as promised overnight – and plenty of it.

While it’s not unheard of to get a December dump, it’s certainly one of the biggest we’ve seen in a long while and is pretty impressive when you look at the starkly different top temps expected by the end of the week.


Our Falls Creek weather graph shows the resort going from a top of 2 degrees today and tomorrow back up to 21 degrees by next Sunday. So, it’s safe to say the snow that’s settled isn’t going to hang around…

Of all the resorts, Hotham saw the highest totals with the resort calling up to 30cm and the trusty table-o-meter substantiating these claims.


The tables at Hotham don’t lie! Photo:: Hotham

The snow hasn’t stopped either with flakes expected to continue to fall into tonight and temperatures staying below zero as the cold front continues to make its way through the region.

Some of our favourite photos and videos of the snowfall from different resorts follow below.



The below videos paint a pretty picture of Hotham’s accumulation since around midday yesterday on December 1, when temperatures were around -1.8°C.

See the below two videos for a before and after comparison.


Falls Creek

Falls Creek received nearly as much snow as Hotham. People were clearing vehicles and even the local wildlife came out in force looking somewhat seasonally confused – see the last video from Falls below.


This shot of Falls more resembles the stuff we’ve been seeing out of Alta or Squaw Valley lately, and it’s got us dreaming of a white Christmas in Oz. Photo:: Falls Creek


Winter is that you? Photo:: Falls Creek


A summer wonderland? Photo:: Falls Creek


The view from Cedarwood Apartments at Falls Creek. Click on the photo or here to visit the Falls Snow cams. Photo:: Mountainwatch



Over the border and Perisher got slightly less snow than the Victorian resorts but still enough to transform it from grass to looking more like late June or even July.





Charlotte Pass

Check out the two videos below from Charlotte Pass for a nice 24hr before and after.


No need to break out the snow movers and heavy machinery yet. With 20 degree days in the forecast this snow won’t be around for long. Photo:: Mt Buller

You can check out our Aussie snow cams and snow forecasts via the links.