Cast & Carve – Summer Fishing and Snowboarding in the High Sierra – Video

October 11th, 2019

Mountainwatch | Video

The following comes by way of Jones Snowboards. It’s a beautiful ode to some of the most pristine places in California’s High Sierra and proves you don’t need powder in the mountains to have a good time. 

Below are some extracts from the crew responsible.


The crews unlikely romance between fishing and snowboarding. Photo:: Andrew Miller

Words by Dave Faustini & Photos by Andrew Miller


Fishing and snowboarding are synonymous with life for many who reside in this corridor known as the Eastside. Jimmy Goodman and I are no exception here. We are dedicated frothers when it comes to backcountry snowboarding and high alpine fishing. Each year when the springtime comes around we load up our multi-day packs with all things necessary to spend a week in the high mountains in search of couloirs to carve and golden trout to cast to.

This year’s crew consisted of Jimmy and I, joined by Billy Anderson, Andrew Miller, Greg Weaver and Joey Maiz. After an alpine start reminiscent of a big winter objective we found ourselves taking our first break as we watched the orange glow of the first light creeping down the granite walls of a nearby peak. While the team’s objectives were to carve and cast, I held my own list of unspoken objectives. To bring this experience to its fullest potential I would give equal attention to the lush meadows, blooming wildflowers, meandering streams, jagged skylines, cotton candy sunsets, mid-day naps, and plentiful snacks.


“No matter the season or activity, any time spent in the mountains, unplugged with friends, will always be the most rewarding things in my life” – Jimmy Goodman


After a 4:30am dark start to beat the heat and mosquitoes the crew hit the High Country just after sunrise greeted by lots of snow, half frozen lakes and deep blue skies. Photo:: Andrew Miller


First poke around the lake with plenty of lines options to ride in the background. It was crazy to see how much snow was still around at the end of July. Photo:: Andrew Miller


After a quick morning session on the lake the crew timed the snow perfectly reaching the top of their line as the corn snow reached perfection. Photo:: Andrew Miller


Smooth fast corn snow. Can’t ask for much more mid Summer. Dave Faustini finding the flow. Photo:: Andrew Miller


Nothing like relaxing in the tent after a long day of hiking with heavy packs. Dave Faustini reflecting on the day. Photo:: Andrew Miller

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