Thredbo’s New Alpine Coaster Offers an Adrenalin Pumping and Fun On-mountain Experience

June 17th, 2024
Thredbo’s Alpine Coaster is a lot of fun and a hit with the resort’s visitors. Photo: Thredbo

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Mountainwatch | Reggae Elliss

If the opening weekend is anything to go by, Thredbo’s new Alpine Coaster is a successful addition to the resort with hundreds of people lining up to ride the new attraction, morning including 13-year-old William Thompson who waited 3 hours to be first in line on the opening day

“The Alpine Coaster was really fun! The corners turn really fast and it was just so good. I’ve already ridden it twice and I’m definitely going to do it again,” said William.

Having ridden it a few times this week, I have to agree, it’s a lot of fun and it definitely gets the blood flowing with a real sense of speed through series of turns and rollovers. Speed control is up to the passenger – keep your hands off the break and you feel the g-forces through the turns and have a few light-stomach moments. If you’re more a cruiser and want to take in the scenery, just pull back on the break to slow down to a more leisurely pace.


It is an impressive operation featuring 40 carts that can reach a maximum speed of 40km per hour and a maximum acceleration of 19.6km per second. The altitude difference between the bottom and top station is 130 metres with an uphill track length of 410 metres and a downhill track length of 1.4 kilometres. Amassing a total length of 1.5 kilometres, the Alpine Coaster track takes guests through a tunnel, bridges and circles that traverse the stunning alpine environment.

Mountainwatch filmer Jimmy Williams was on board as soon as he could and managed snared a few extra rides as part of the job. “Once you pick up some speed you are flying down the lower Thredbo mountain through the snowgums, banking corners and whirling through corkscrews.”

Open 365 days a year, a huge plus for the Alpine Coaster it that is will operate year-round in all weather. Not only is the coaster a perfect activity for those non-skiers/snowboarders or mountain bikers, but the adrenaline seekers can still get their fix on the Alpine Coaster. It is an attraction that the whole family can enjoy.

The Alpine Coaster winds through the snowgums above the village. Photo: Thredbo

Thredbo General Manager Stuart Diver said the Alpine Coaster aligns with the resort’s focus on providing a premium guest experience and EVT’s overarching strategic focus to create experiences that escape the ordinary.

“The Alpine Coaster is a world-class attraction for the Snowy Mountains and will greatly support year-round local tourism, Mr Diver said. “It provides a fun new on-snow experience in winter, will build upon our wide range of outdoor adventures in summer and will be a drawcard in the shoulder seasons.”

* Construction on the Thredbo Alpine Coaster commenced in October 2023 and was completed in May 2024. As part of the construction, the Alpine Coaster has undergone safety testing by independent third-party engineers.

Thredbo Resort is committed to preserving, protecting, and prioritising its unique alpine environment. Together with Red Energy, Thredbo is proud to power the Alpine Coaster and all resort operations with 100% renewable energy.