Kamase – New Film From Sammy Carlson and Some of The Best Skiing You Will Ever See

December 4th, 2023

Mountainwatch| Video

Not sure how he does it, but with each annual film release Sammy Carlson’s performance ups the ante and his skiing in Kamase is pretty well the definition of freeskiing.

Kamase is an old Japanese slang word” that means “go kill it” – which Sammy certainly does in this film.  Joined by his friends Vinzenz Keller, Todd Ligare, Yu Sasaki and Yoshiya “Bull” Urata, Kamase was filmed in Japan, British Columbia and Alaska during the 2022-2023 winter.

The film showcases Sammy’s creative brilliance in deep powder, rad pillow lines and big Alaskan lines, posing the question – is Sammy Carlson the world’s best freeskier? Watch the film and, like me, your answer may be yes.

Sammy Carlson popping pillows in the BC backcountry.

Kamase – A film by Blake Vincent Kueny

Starring – Sammy Carlson

Featuring- Vinzenz Keller, Todd Ligare, Yu Sasaki, Yoshiya “Bull” Urata,

Principal Cinematography – Brody Jones

Supporting cinematography –  Danny Leblanc

FPV cinematography – Kaddison Pelletier

Editor – Cody Rosenthal