Our Favourite Photos From The 2018 Australian Ski Season… So Far – Part I

August 20th, 2018


Thomas Waddell kicking up some cold smoke at Thredbo. One of our favourite images from earlier on in the season, taken during the first week of July. Image:: Aedan O’Donnell/Thredbo

Mountainwatch | Matt Wiseman

They say a picture tells a thousand words, and whilst we’ll always be the first to wax lyrically about Australian skiing and boarding, sometimes an image says it all.

Just as the Australian resorts become inundated with snow, our social media feeds do the same. This past weekend being no exception and I lost count of the amount of billowing powder turns, face shots and snowed in vehicles that riddled my feeds.

It’s safe to say this season has now firmly established itself as one of the best in recent memory. The weekend storm totals now reported as being in the realm of 45cm, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the next reading up at Spencers Creek shows the 2018 season nudging last years peak depth of 240.9cm recorded on September 20.

Recorded every Thursday, last week the Snowy Hydro had 2018 snow depths over 2 metres. We’re eager to see how this weeks reading compares, with another 5-15cm expected on Tuesday according to our friend The Grasshopper. Image:: Snowy Hydro Scheme

Without further ado, here are some of our favourite images to come out of the mountains in recent weeks. A veritable menagerie of pow shots… dive in below!


Drew Jolowicz getting after it amongst the trees at Hotham on August 7. Image:: Dylan Robinson/Hotham Guest Photographer


Storm skiing has been a recurring theme this season. Image:: Dylan Robinson/Hotham Guest Photographer


Hotham’s sidecountry has been putting on a show with many discovering such terrain exists in Australia. Image:: Dylan Robinson/Hotham Guest Photographer


Snowboarder Jason Anderson boot packing around Hotham’s aforementioned side country, August 9. Image:: Dylan Robinson/Hotham Guest Photographer


Jason Anderson earning turns amongst some stunning dawn light at Hotham. Image:: Dylan Robinson/Hotham Guest Photographer


Storm skiing yet again… Image:: Dylan Robinson/Hotham Guest Photographer


Skier Drew Jolowicz couldn’t wait until morning to get his pow fix and we couldn’t blame him… This was around the time Hotham announced they would be extending their season until October 7. Image:: Dylan Robinson/Hotham Guest Photographer


Amongst the pow there’s been rail jams aplenty amongst the Aussie resorts. This event at Hotham took place during heavy snowfalls. Image:: Dylan Robinson/Hotham Guest Photographer


A quintessentially Australian powder run. An unknown skier picks their way through the snow gums. Image:: Dylan Robinson/Hotham Guest Photographer


Tom Costa displacing plenty of the white stuff at Falls Creek. Image:: Danni Forde


NSW resorts have also received their fair share… Image:: Perisher


Pinch and a punch and a pow turn or two for the first day of the month, taken August 1… We started August with a bang and the rest of the month has so far followed suit. Image:: Perisher


Are you kidding… Image:: Perisher


Australia’s largest resort providing. Image:: Perisher


Some friends on a powder day? Image:: Perisher


Max Windshuttle finding plenty of fresh at 4pm on Saturday, August 18. Image:: Boen Ferguson/Thredbo


Richie Carroll enjoying a Thredbo pillow party. The accumulation on the right tree says it all. Image:: Boen Ferguson/Thredbo


Richie Carroll again in a Thredbo winter wonderland. Image:: Boen Ferguson/Thredbo


Australia’s wunderkind Scotty James and a natural half pipe at Thredbo. Image:: Boen Ferguson/Thredbo


Toshi Pander ripping through the snow gums up at Hotham. Image:: Jimi Yuki Oertli


Jimi Yuki Oertli getting horizontal at Hotham. Image:: Toshi Pander


Jimi making his way through a snowy wasteland. Image:: Toshi Pander


It hasn’t been all storm skiing this season, and we’ve enjoyed a number of bluebird days. Toshi Pander pictured taking advantage of one such day and a fortuitously placed tree stump Image:: Jimi Yuki Oertli


A recent belter out of Hotham, taken August 18 at 8:45 am. For some more context, that sign is 2.5m tall… Image:: Buff Farnell/Hotham


We simply couldn’t go past sharing this shot of some Hotham public transport well and truly living up to its name. Image:: Hotham

With 7 more weeks left in the season, assuming the remaining resorts also decide to extend until October 7, we’re sure there’s plenty more shots to be had.

If you’ve taken a banger image, don’t be afraid to reach out and submit it to us. You may well get a  feature in our next compilation. Also for those of you who prefer video, keep tagging us on Instagram with #mountainwatchthis for a chance to win big!

Check back in later this week for the second gallery installment… So many photos, so little time!