Salomon TV – Higher Truths – Video

December 31st, 2018



Mountainwatch | Video


Salomon TV – In this episode freeskiers Cody Townsend and Chris Rubens head to Tibet to ski a 22,000 foot peak in the Himalaya.

Cody Townsend has achieved a lot as a skier, from big mountain contest results to some of the most memorable film segments of the past 10 years, including the mind-blowing “Line of The Year” in Matchstick Productions 2014 film, Days of My Youth.

In this latest episode of Salomon TV, Cody embarks on an expedition with Chris Rubens to be the first to ski Mt Colangma (6952m), an unclimbed peak in the Tibetan Himalaya where he finds himself more challenged than at any other time during his career.

Produced by Switchback Entertainment and directed by Anthony Bonello, Higher Truth is an engrossing film where Cody and Chris have to dig deep to overcome the altitude and unforeseen fatigue, constantly asking themselves the same question – why?

As you’ll see, it is a good question.



Cody Townshend’s “Line of the Year” from Matchstick’s Days of Our Youth is always worth watching again!