Travis Rice Presents “A Good Winter”. An Incredible Edit from The Snowboarding Legend. Video

March 18th, 2024

Mountainwatch | Video

Travis Rice has been around for a long time, a snowboarding icon whose influence is over the past two decades cannot be underestimated. This 14-minute edit, directed by Rice, comprises his best lines of the 2022-23 season and shows that his influence will continue for a long while yet.

Photo: Chad Chomlack


From the Producers:

“Travis Rice threads the needle through a handful of sessions when conditions come into alignment. In his 23rd season, Travis takes on the breathtaking 3,700′ vertical drop of the Velvet Castle in British Columbia, the wild backcountry of Valdez, and the familiar terrain of his home turf in Wyoming. Years of experience and intuitive riding are the attributes associated with an ‘Old Dog, Empty Head’ mentality.’”