10 Years Of The Atomic Bentchetler – The Pinnacle Of A Playful Ski – Video

September 25th, 2018

Mountainwatch | Video

There’s selling a ski. And then there’s selling a ski. This video from Atomic is firmly situated in the latter category and if I didn’t already own a pair of the 2016 Atomic Bentchetler’s I’d be racing out to get some… 

Having happily paid full price for my own pair, I can safely and without any bias say it’s one of, if not the most enjoyable skis, I’ve had the pleasure of riding – and I’ve ridden my fair share – with more recent iterations than the 2016 model even better by all accounts. From chest deep Japow to Aussie spring slush, like me, you’ll never want to take them off.

According to professional skier Chris Benchetler, the man behind them, “it’s just an expression of what I want my skiing to be.”

Suffice to say Chris’ skiing style is an expression of what every skier’s skiing wants to be.



Chris has been responsible for his pro-models graphics since day one and it’s easy to see why… Artwork:: Chris Bentchetler

Bonus: We’ve partnered with Atomic in our big Jackson Hole Giveaway who have been kind enough to award the winner their very own pair of 2019 Atomic Bentchetler 100’s.


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In the last 10 years, Chris has redefined what’s possible in the backcountry with the help of his pro model. And he not only contributes by giving his skis his own graphics and style but also came up with the idea of HRZN Tech and this ultimate powder design. Year by year he comes back to the Atomic R&D team and together they further develop and fine-tune every little detail to make the best powder ski even better.

It’s time to celebrate and how does a legend live on?

One way: offspring. That’s why the Bent Chetler family is getting bigger. With two new shapes, skiers can ride Bent Chetler from grom to grown-up.


The 2019 Atomic Bentchetler family. Left is the 120mm model in white and right is the new and narrower 100mm iteration.

Meet the son – the Mini. The perfect size and shape ski for young rippers with a taste for the fluffy stuff. A ski that makes the mountain feel like a big, incredible playground.

The 100 – a do-anything, go-anywhere, one-ski-quiver, totally prepped for taking it wherever you want to go. The everyday ski that brings the whole mountain to life.

You know dad – the 120. The visionary ski that sparked it all. It flies, it butters, it slashes and it carves new lines where none were before. With the wisdom of a mountain veteran and the speed and power of a well-oiled machine, the 120 brings float and fun on the deepest days.

This is the family, and they call the mountains home.


Left: 120mm & Right: 100mm Atomic Bentchetler skis