Case For Keys – Gallah Gang: Making the Most of a Locked Down Winter. Video

August 4th, 2022

Mountainwatch | Video

A group of friends making the most of an Aussie winter while the pandemic is kicking, getting creative in and around their home resort in Perisher.

“Last year we went into lockdown halfway through the Aussie season, but it gave us the best opportunity to ski some of the spots I’ve been looking at for a long time,” Martin Longhitano

A spread featuring Martin Longhitano in the current issue of Chillfactor magazine. Photos taken during the filming of Case for Keys. Photos: Casey Ripper

The Gallah Gang:

Elliott Russell

Sam Shields

Jai Hunter

Martin Longhitano

Clem Margnes

Editing: Clem Margnes

Supported by :Tall T / K2 /Faction skis