Charlotte Pass Announces $10 Million Dollar, 10 Year Investment

July 24th, 2018


The historic Kosciuszko Chalet at dawn.

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After negotiating a new lease with National Park last year, the operators of Charlotte Pass today announced a significant capital expenditure for the resort over the next 10 years.

This will include significant improvements to snowmaking, new surface lifts and major refurbishments to the historic Kosciuszko Chalet Hotel.

It’s been a while since Charlottes had a significant investment, the owners acknowledging it as a real step towards Charlottes becoming a genuine year-round alpine resort.

Of course, this all subject to NSW Government Planning approval. All the details are in the press release below.



Charlotte Pass Snow Resort Pty Ltd (CPSR) today announced a 10 million-dollar, 10-Year Capital Investment program for the resort.

This unprecedented investment at Charlotte Pass will see an increase in lifting capacity and the expansion of accessible terrain, through the installation of a brand-new Surface Lift towards Mount Stilwell and the replacement of the Basin Poma with a new surface lift.

The snow season will be extended to operate from the June to October long weekend each year, with the installation of automated snowmaking to cover the Kosciuszko Triple Chair (to Mid-Station), Kosi Carpet and Basin Poma areas.

The ‘Grand Old Lady of the Mountains’, the Kosciuszko Chalet Hotel will be undergoing a major refurbishment of all guest rooms, food and beverage outlets.

The Charlotte Pass Oversnow Transport fleet will be expanded, with 2 additional Oversnow vehicles. Charlotte Pass will also be investing in a range of initiatives to improve the environmental performance of the resort.

This investment will also see the development of Year-Round activation of the resort, including the construction of conference and multifunction facilities at the Kosciuszko Chalet Hotel.  The resort will also move towards the provision of Accommodation, Food & Beverage facilities Year-Round, as well as the operation of the Kosciuszko Triple Chair during peak periods.

Kevin Blyton, Chairman of the Blyton Group said, “Today’s announcement demonstrates our commitment to the long-term growth of Charlotte Pass Snow Resort. We believe this investment over the next 10 years will transform Charlotte Pass, building on its legacy as an on-snow experience like no other.”


Charlotte Pass 10 Year Masterplan will deliver the following new initiatives from 2019 onwards:

Extended Snow Season

  • The Charlotte Pass Snow season will operate from the June to October long weekend each year (subject to snow conditions).

Installation of next generation automated snowmaking system

Snowmaking system to cover the Kosciuszko Triple Chair (to Mid-Station), Kosi Carpet & Basin Poma

  • Construction of new pumping station.
  • New underground piping & electrical cabling.
  • Installation of fully automated snowmaking guns.

Refurbishment of the Kosciuszko Chalet Hotel

Retaining its heritage characteristics while upgrading the standard of accommodation.

  • Upgrade of all guest rooms and suites?
  • Upgrade and re-configuration of Adams Cocktail Lounge
  • Upgrade of The Cellar Bar.
  • Expansion of Gift Shop and General Store.?
  • Re-configuration of hotel heating and plumbing systems.

Replacement of Basin Poma lift with a new surface lift.

Next generation surface lift tailored specifically to beginners

  • Undertake feasibility and Environmental Impact study.?
  • Preparation of Development Application and Environmental Impact statement.?
  • Installation of surface lift to replace Basin Poma, with greater lifting capacity than the existing Poma

Construction of a new surface lift towards Mount Stilwell

This will significantly expand the skiable terrain on offer at the Resort

  • Undertake feasibility and Environmental Impact study.
  • Preparation of Development Application and Environmental Impact statement.
  • Installation of new surface lift towards Mount Stilwell, with associated underground power and communication cabling as required.


Expansion of oversnow fleet

Ensuring ongoing rapid, safe and reliable access to the resort

  • Purchase of 2 additional Oversnow vehicles

Continue to improve the environmental performance of Charlotte Pass

  • Replacement of automated Programmable Logic Controllers used in connection with the operation of the Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP).
  • Construction of roof over outdoor tanks at the STP, improving the overall energy efficiency.
  • Re-cladding of STP buildings.
  • Sealing of roads within the resort.
  • Development of stormwater monitoring program.
  • Increased investment in energy saving initiatives.
  • Development of new waste and recycling program to increase awareness.

Construction, re-configuration and refurbishment of buildings

Construction of new staff accommodation building,

  • Re-configuration of current Bella Vista staff accommodation to become new Charlotte Pass Snow Centre, encompassing:
  • Expanded space for further development of Children’s Snowsports programs.
  • New ‘Day Lodge’ venue.
  • Central Oversnow Transport Hub
  • Re-configuration of Snow Centre to become dedicated Equipment Hire Centre

Implementation of Year-Round Resort Activation

  • Provision of Food & Beverage Facilities Year-Round.?
  • Operation of the Kosciuszko Triple Chair during peak periods.
  • Accommodation to be available year-round.
  • Development of a Summer Events Program.
  • Development of Conference & Function Facilities, with construction of multifunction facilities at rear of the Kosciuszko Chalet Hotel to facilitate functions and conferences of various sizes.