Feed The Feed – The Best of Nitro’s Team Social Feeds. Video

October 4th, 2021

Mountainwatch | Video

This is a cool video from Nitro snowboards, a collection of clips showcasing the best of the Nitro team’s social media feeds from the 2021 northern hemisphere season. While ski and snowboard films still have place in showcasing the progression of the world’s best riders,  the majority of our imagery and edits is consumed via our phones, and that is what this video is about.

Nitro describes Feed the Feed as a highlight reel of its team’s social feeds and that it “wanted to showcase some of the top hits and put a focus on how we consumer snowboarding in 2021. Progression through snowboard tricks, style, equipment, and technology is something we all know and accept.”

“Still, we feel it is important to remember that snowboarding does not happen on social media. It happens in real life right in front of you. So, remember to feed your real life by putting your phone away and doing something worth remembering, not necessarily for the feed …. remember to always take a break and enjoy snowboarding for what it actually is – A chance to escape the daily grind and enjoy the moment with your friends or solo.”


Watch the feeds, but don’t forget to go snowboarding.

Feed The Feed

Edited by: Pirmin Juffinger & Knut Eliassen

Music by: Yves Ardelt

Video Clips: Nitro Snowboard Team