PHOTO JOURNAL – Hunting Pow at The Remarkables

September 3rd, 2013

The crew hiking to the top of the ridge line, the typical pow day race, where fitness pays dividends Image:: Vaughan Brookfield

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When a storm like that of last week rolls into Queenstown, everyone gets excited. That means the resorts are usually tracked before all the lifts are even open. However with a little local knowledge and know-how, there are fresh stashes for days.

Vaughan Brookfield, The Southern Lake’s best lensman, teamed up with local shredders Nick Hyne and Rob Mitchell to see what they could find. Here is a selection of photos plus VB’s take on the day…

“New Zealand’s southern slopes have had a good top-up of 20 cm of fresh dry snow. The storm came with a lot of wind and the snow-pack was very wind affected with great powdered conditions if you knew where to go. The pack was unstable because there was little for the new snow to cling to – except for an old ice layer that made for some small slips; check out the picture with two skiers getting into trouble in the Remarks backcountry!”

The backside of The Remarkables offers stunning views out into the Hector Mountains Image:: Vaughan Brookfield

Dropping into the first run of the day Image:: Vaughan Brookfield

These skiers managed to get themselves into a little trouble, thankfully they made it out unscathed Image:: Vaughan Brookfield

Nick Hyne laying out a very nice looking pow turn Image:: Vaughan Brookfield

Rob Mitchell, never shy to bury his tail and throw some spray Image:: Vaughan Brookfield

As you can see the snow quality was off the richter, so nice and dry Image:: Vaughan Brookfield

Frooothing bro! Image:: Vaughan Brookfield

And one more for those at home Image:: Vaughan Brookfield

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