Sei Kou Tou Tei – Chasing the Storms Of Hokkaido, Episode one. Video

March 20th, 2020


Mountainwatch | Video

This new series from the crew at Oyuki follows their international team riders, as they chase powder through mid-winter Hokkaido. Usually that’s an easy task inJapan’s snowy north island, but with a low snow year and above average temperatures, the crew had to go deeper in and wider in search of the legendary light, dry snow.


Pep Fujas, pow time somewhere in Hokkaido in early February.

This first episode features skier Pep Fujas and snowboarders Eric Jackson and Toshiya Kasuga in the wide expanse of the central Hokkaido backcountry. Cinematography and follow cams Lucas Wilkinson and Adam Kroenart.


Eric Jackson; soft powder below allows for high air above. Photo: Oyuki