Send And Return – BCA’s Safe Backcountry Shredding Series, Episode 2 – Video

January 30th, 2019



Mountainwatch | Video

This northern hemisphere winter has really illustrated the importance of awareness and preparation when entering the backcountry.  Strong storms have delivered huge snow accumulations over a short period of time in Europe, Japan and North America, and there have been a high number of avalanches, some with tragic results.


Digging a test pit to check the snow layers.


BCA, one of the leaders in back country equipment, have released a video series called Send and Returnfor this northern hemisphere winter which is all about riding hard and safely in the backcountry – according to the avalanche conditions.


Perfect pow in the BC backcountry – just have to be prepared before heading out.


In episode two, Chasing BC Pillows with the Canadian Hosers, Riley Leboe, Mike Henitiuk, and Matt Margetts use their snowmobiles to access some stellar backcountry skiing outside Stewart, BC, including some big pillow lines. All are experienced in the backcountry, but they take nothing for granted and keep their eye on the recent storm snow and a buried surface hoar layer.

If you are heading into the backcountry you’ll need the right gear, so check out the BCA range on the Mountainwatch store.