The Dump by Transfer | Episode 8 – Valentino Guseli

September 14th, 2021

Our mates at Transfer chat with 16 year old Aussie snowboarding prodigy, Valentino Guseli. Olympics, run-ins with the law, life on the road, world records and lots more! Listen Now…

Transfer Editor Richie Carroll and Olympic Gold Medalist, Torah Bright sit down with 16 year old Australian snowboarding prodigy, Valentino Guseli.

They chat all things Olympics, being a World Record Holder at age 16, Valentino’s future goals and what he wants out of snowboarding plus some classic tales thrown in along the way.

Valentino is a force to be reckoned with, heading into the Olympic Games in under 6 months, it was incredible to get an insight into his mind set and how a 16 year old navigates his way through the crazy world that is – a professional snowboarder.

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